Thursday, July 22, 2010


is something I have very little of. I'm in the running for two jobs, which is good, but the waiting game is killing me! I want to know NOW. On the plus side, my house has never been cleaner.


I'm very angry at the Catholic church. I'm not a fan of organized religion anyway, but this nonsense of comparing women in the clergy to be just as much of a crime as the sexual abuse of children is really fucking pissing me off.


I've been cruising along the past several days not missing beer one bit. Then yesterday I had the crave bad. Might as well get it out of my system, right?


I feel like an asshole. Spending money on booze is a stupid thing to do. And I have a headache. But again, on the plus side, it made me realize how much I really wasn't missing it. So, back on track.

Besides, no longer working at a candy factory combined with not drinking and the weight is just melting off of me!

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