Monday, November 1, 2010


I had an excellent weekend with my husband, and get this-there was no booze involved! I'm on medication that strictly prohibits drinking. At first I panicked-how will I ever make it through a weekend without booze? Not only did we make it, it was awesome.

We camped in the living room and had a movie marathon-a couple of Hitchcock flicks, an indie flick or two-we even watched an old Tracy-Hepburn movie that we both really enjoyed.

Done with the meds on Wednesday-just in time for my big birthday weekend! A friend of ours got us a jacuzzi suite at one of the casinos this weekend-for free! It's the best gift EVER considering I'm still unemployed. I'm calling it Boozebubblebangfest 2010!

It feels good to have something to look forward to. And catching up on sleep/Hubbs time this past weekend has done wonders for my depression. I actually feel human today!


wirecutter said...

You are excused from your Friday Funny obligation this week. Happy Birthday and enjoy your whizbangfest or whatever you call it.

Lula said...

Thanks brother!