Thursday, August 26, 2010


remember a few months ago when we took in one of Youngest's friends? Because she was left home alone, blah blah blah? Apparently not only is she the one who turned him on to smoking, she was also stealing from us. Lighters, cigarettes, etc... I had the urge to call her mom, but fuck it. Mom was the one who left her home alone for 2 months, will she really care or believe this new turn of events? It still breaks my heart though-I opened my home to you and you steal from me?

Youngest has been a full time smoker for several months now. As of today, him and I have both quit. And he's feeling it, as am I. But you know what? Even though he can't legally smoke, I feel like an asshole making him quit while I'm still smoking. So there you have it.

Hopefully there will be no blood shed in the next few days.

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