Monday, November 2, 2009

Dear Online Diary......

I'm sorry you've been so neglected lately! I've been so busy lately I'm actually having quite a bit of trouble just keeping up.

I have 7 more classes to finish this month for the Crisis Center-things should at least feel a bit more calm after that. This class every Wednesday night is kicking my ass.

Of course we still have my birthday, Thanksgiving, another holiday party, Christmas, and my wedding anniversary to go. I am SO looking forward to January!

Things have been going well, though I'm still a little concerned that I may have taken on more than I can handle with this call center. I live in a self imposed protective bubble-I don't watch the news, I don't read the paper, and I generally do a pretty good job of insulating myself from the horrors of the world. The classes are enough to send me into a downward spiral, how am I going to feel actually dealing with a woman who has just been beaten? I know I have to focus on the fact that I'm helping people, but I'm still pretty skeptical.

On that note, Sunday is my first "listening shift"-basically just hanging out and listening to the other volunteers for 4 hours. I think that will give me a good indication of if I can do this or not. And for that reason, we have moved family movie day from Sunday to Saturday this week. I need my family time, and I don't really want to just hang out and drink like I do most Saturdays.

Anyway, things are going well, I'm totally overwhelmed, and you, dear diary, are not the only thing that has been neglected lately. You should see my house.

More later.


P.S. This new plan of eating low carb/primal? Best choice I've ever made. I hit 132 pounds the other day-and bought a new pair of size 5 jeans! Pretty damn proud of that. Now it's all about the strength training.


Bunny said...

I posted a similar type of entry last night! My poor neglected blog =(

Bunny said...

Yeah I feel similarly about my situation - well, with the exception of the violence aspect, but as far as maybe biting off more than I can chew...


When is your birthday?

Love ya.

Lula said...

seriously, I haven't even been keeping up with my reading list.

Thanks for the hugs! My b-day is Thursday....counting down!