Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My favorite holiday

I love love LOVE Thanksgiving! It is truly my favorite time of year. I spend most of the week feeling overwhelmed and panicking about my cooking schedule, but I really love it. I love preparing a huge meal for my family, I love listening to oldies all day, and I love just hanging out and enjoying the day with my guys.

We have no guests coming this year, but I have enlisted the guys to help with the cooking. Hubbs will be tackling the bacon wrapped jalapenos, and Youngest will be making the pies. Of course, there will be LOADS of pictures documenting all of this.

I can't WAIT!


wirecutter said...

Two of my favorite foods! Damn!
Can you make those when I come up?
Please? Pretty please?

Deirdre Bunny said...

Cannot wait for the pics! I'll take some too!

I lurv cooking, and that is my primary reason for loving Thanksgiving. Also it signals in the best parts of the year =)

Lula said...

I will make TONS when you come up! It will be a bacon extravaganza!

I love cooking too, I'm really looking forward to getting started!