Monday, January 4, 2010


So I'm off to a rip roaring start to my new year. I have some sort of bizarre eye infection-my eye and part of my face are swollen. Better than it was a few days ago, but itchy and very irritating.

I went to urgent care Saturday, where frickin Doogie Howser M.D. tried to give me steroids. I told him I'm not comfortable taking steroids, and doesn't he think my eye is infected?

"Well, I won't rule that out, but try the steroids first."


I went home to look up this steroid before I filled the prescription, and first thing I saw is "Do not prescribe to patients suffering from depression."

Dick! He knew I was on meds in the past, FOR DEPRESSION. Dumb Fuck.

Anyway, I have an appointment to see MY doctor at 11:00 today.

Way to ring in the new year, already starting off with medical bills!


wirecutter said...

Sounds like we both kicked off the New Years the same sucky way.

Lula said...

Yeah, I'm thinking we all need a do over.