Monday, January 11, 2010

I am a non-smoker.

Day two so far-yesterday was pretty easy because I had a slight hangover, and today has been because, well, smoking is stupid.

Every time I think I want a cigarette I just tell myself that the craving is poison leaving my body, and it won't last forever.

I also tell myself "Thank GOD I don't have to give in to that feeling! Poor smokers-I'm no longer a slave to nicotine!"

I also had 20 minutes to spare this morning-I may be able to sleep in a little later if I want. So many benefits!

The only negative, and I remember this from last time, is my face feels swollen and weird. But that goes away after a couple of days. I'm really looking forward to no longer having a burnt tongue too-food is going to start tasting better than ever! (Just what I need, Ms. Gained8holidaypounds!)

I'm a non-smoker!


Elena said...

congratulations! you can do it!!

Lula said...

Thanks Elena!