Thursday, January 7, 2010

What is beauty?

And how sad is it that so much of our (well, my) self esteem is directly related to how we look?

You see a woman. She's all made up, her hair looks great-she's beautiful!

Now take the same woman, without makeup. She has an uneven skin tone, circles under her eyes, and her eyes no longer stand out. She is no longer the "beautiful" woman you just saw.

Is she still beautiful? Is beauty only cosmetics? Can anyone be beautiful with the right amount of make-up?

Think of your reaction to seeing certain celebrities without make-up. I know I've been shocked at the differences between their made up faces and their natural ones.

This week has been very strange for me. I'm shocked at how unattractive I feel with a swollen eye and less than my usual make-up. I generally feel attractive, and yes, sometimes even beautiful.

I'm the same me! Why do I feel like I'm about to be chased by villagers with pitchforks and flames? It's ridiculous!

I think I'm just not comfortable without my "mask" on. I feel vulnerable, like everyone is going to judge me and my 41 year old skin. Stupid.

This week has really left me questioning what beauty really is, and if it is more attitude and self confidence.


Deirdre Bunny said...

This is me about every other day. The mirror can be my best friend but is most commonly my worst enemy.

Well, that and my own perception.


Lula said...

I know-it's strange how much emphasis we place on something so...unimportant? Something that is only truly ours for a brief moment in the overall scheme of things.