Monday, July 20, 2009

Randomly stupid girl.....

I am sun burned. To a crisp. Bright red, itchy, ouch my clothing hurts burnt.

I know better than this, I really do. I get very angry with my friends and family when they get sunburned. I am constantly coating everyone I know in sunscreen. Especially myself-melanoma runs in my family and it's what killed my mother. But for some reason, it didn't even cross my mind to do my back yesterday. So, ouch. Life sucks at this moment.


The plumber came back to our house and ran his camera through our pipes. The problem is not actually tree roots, but a section of pipe where the old orangeburg (?) pipe meets the city pipe. They no longer meet and form a nice seal. So sometime in the next month or two (when the heat dies down, we're in for 100 degrees all week and then some) we need to dig a 4 foot deep hole in our nice front lawn. But hey, at least it's not tree roots.


Hopefully I'll get to posting the before and after pics of my house this week. I've got them downloaded to my computer at home, so I have made some progress!


Day one of my low carb diet. And we're starting new workout routines this week. I didn't get as far as pics and measurements, hopefully I'll remember in the morning.
I'm really curious to see if all the low carb-lose belly fat hype is true.


Happy Monday!


Deirdre Bunny said...

Let me know if the hype is indeed true or not!

Lula said...

It seems to be so far-I read that you'll lose a lot of water weight, then I read that it is truly fat-who knows, all the internet does is confuse me. But, seeing a 4.5 pound drop felt AWESOME!