Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I have been crazy busy this week. We started painting our house Saturday (pics to follow soon)and are spending each night this week finishing up the trim. It actually feels really good to look at my house and know that I contributed to it looking great. And it's turning into nice quality time with Hubbs. Win-Win!


I'm starting a new diet/exercise plan. I'm not getting the results I want with what I'm doing, so it's time to switch it up. No processed foods (Bye Amy's Organics!), only lean protein, fruits, veggies, good fats, and very little carbs. I'm skipping the workout DVD's and plan on concentrating more on weight training. The good part is I can actually up my calorie intake. I'm not necessarily looking to lose more weight, just tone up a bit more. We'll see how it works. This weekend will be measurements and pictures, so I'll have a baseline to compare to.


I had a moment last night where I was bouncing off the walls in my head-bad. I thought "Oh shit, here we go." So, I double dosed the chromium and took a Xanax at bedtime, and Voila! Right as rain this morning.


Hubbs bought a new gun-all I can remember about it is it's a pump action shotgun. Pics of that too, when I get a free moment.


Happy Tuesday!


Deirdre Bunny said...

Xanax! What a wonderful idea - I totally forgot I had some!

*Scurries off*

Lula said...

Love my Xanax!

Glad you're back :)