Saturday, July 25, 2009


GOD I am pissed right now! I am so damn sick of people making plans with us then canceling-especially when I go out of my way buying and cooking extra food.

We had invited our friends over for drinks and snack, so last night I cooked a ton of chicken in preparation for guests, and I get a call this morning-actually a voice mail-"It's been a long and hard week (HA! long and hard), and I can barely move from lifting weights so we're going to cancel." I have a feeling it's more of a case of bottle flu than anything, but whatever. (Bottle flu-can you believe in all my 40 years I just learned that term about a week ago?)

Dude, really? So you're going to sit home and drink and eat all day instead of coming over here to drink and eat? After we made plans? And I cooked a shit ton of chicken?

I swear, it's making me feel like I'm not worth hanging out with. My feelings are hurt, and to me, that is the worse thing you can do. I'd rather be punched in the face than have hurt feelings. At least then I can punch you back.

And for the record, my body hurts like HELL from lifting weights last night. And I'm spending the day helping Hubbs paint, and washing windows, and cleaning house, etc...

Stupid fucking friends.


Deirdre Bunny said...

*sigh* This has happened to me a few times the past 2 years. And I've always felt about the way you feel right now.

I mean, cancelling happens, but when you've gone out of your way and spent money... thats really kinda crappy.

But hey - chicken leftovers! :p

Hugs =)

Lula said...

Thanks Deirdre!

I have officially quit expending energy over people. I said this before, but from now on I'm not buying/preparing food until the last minute!