Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Wonder Drug

I'm telling you, chromium is a wonder drug. If you suffer from depression but can't tolerate anti-depressants, please give this a try. It can change your life.

As some of you may remember, a few months back we had a problem with our pipes backing up. We called a plumber, who quoted us one price, then showed up to our house and doubled his quote. Hubbs was so mad he chased him off with a plunger in his hand. (snicker) Then the problem just fixed itself, so we blew it off.

Monday night, it happened again. We poured Drano down both showers, and went to bed, assuming (like asses) that it would magically fix itself by morning like it did last time.

No such luck. We called a plumber, then both called in to work, because really, who shows up without showering? Well, actually there's a really stinky guy here who does, but that's beside the point right now.

So, 5 hours later, after having to use the bathroom at our local grocery store (Thanks for not looking at us weird Save-Mart employees!) the plumber showed up and snaked our drain. And gave us the wonderful news that the problem is a tree root which had busted through our pipe.

Deep breath.

Cost to fix? $1600.00.

Deep breath.

It's fixed for now, but he wouldn't give us more than a 7 day warranty on the snake job, because the pipe needs to be replaced like NOW.

I'm lucky enough to be married to a husband who can fix ANYTHING, and he's lucky enough to know someone who has a trench digging thingie (technical term), so we won't have to pay $1600, just the cost of the materials and our own labor.

Now, during all this drama yesterday, just when I would really expect to drop into my depression like a pitiful rock, I felt.....normal. Slightly stressed over the situation, and obviously uncomfortable, but I did not get my usual bone crushing case of the sads like I normally get when something like this happens.

Weird, huh? I really think it's the chromium. After I realized this last night, I also realized that I have been on an even keel ever since I started taking it, about 1 1/2 months ago. No mania, and no depression. For over a month.

Wow. What a simple fix to a lifelong problem.


The Angry Patriot said...

For the tree roots:
Buy several cheap containers of plain old table salt at your local discount grocer (the 1 lb size). Pour one down the toilet and flush last thing before bed, once a month. You'll never have tree root problems again.

Lula said...

Really? I'll tell Hubbs, we'll have to try it. Thanks!

The Angry Patriot said...

You're welcome. It was a hint from a plumber friend of mine. We used to have terrible trouble with tree roots. Usually had to have the plumber out 2-3 times a year minimum. Then we found out about the salt. Haven't root trouble for over 10 years now. Great solution for less a buck a month! :-)
Good Luck!

Lula said...

That's awesome, thanks again!