Monday, September 14, 2009

Here we go again

Blah blah blah low carb blah blah blah off the wagon blah blah blah quit drinking for 2 weeks.

I'm pretty sure I've said all this before, but we're trying the no drinking thing again-weekends included. Just for two weeks, but I'm really curious to see if alcohol makes that much difference in the way my body looks. I still have some stubborn belly fat that doesn't seem to want to budge. And getting hammered every weekend, which in turn makes me blow off working out, is not helping.

Besides, I'm looking forward to a weekend that doesn't go by in a blur.


Bunny said...

I'm here for moral support!

It's a necessary evil - sometimes you just have to detox. I'm probably due for a week or two, myself - in the *somewhat* near future.

Lula said...

Thanks Bun!