Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Oh, Life

Life is suddenly very busy-and going by so quickly. I swear, having Youngest away all Summer has made me lose my parenting skills. What do I make for dinner? Do I need to do laundry? Is there breakfast food in the house?

And of course, in between working out, running whatever errands I need to run, and cooking dinner, I feel like I have no Hubbs time. I know it's all just a matter of finding my routine again, but I'm a little overwhelmed with it all right now.

That and the fact that I'm feeling less than stellar is really making me want to just stay in bed for a day to get my head right.


Bunny said...

I've been working from home since 2003 but it looks like soon (if I ever get a flippin' job in this city) I will be joining the normal rat race again, where I actually have to adhere to schedules and deal with things like traffic and reasonable bedtimes.

So, I kind of get where you're at, and while I have yet to deal with this, its on the horizon and is kind of depressing me.

I'm really and at managing (and perceiving) time, so it will be a while before I would acclimate to those kinds of changes and I'm sure I would be feeling spread thin.

Anyway, yes, I'm certain you'll fall into your routine again. I know it kind of blows right now. Hugs.

Lula said...

Thanks B-I needed that!

wirecutter said...

We must be in synch as far as feeling less than stellar.
I've been so damned anti-social the past couple of weeks that it isn't even funny. Seriously anti-social. I absolutely cannot stand to be around anybody, even friends and family. I cycle like this every few months but this time it seemed to come earlier and last longer.

Lula said...

Strange...I wonder what causes such things?

I had to take Youngest to the mall last weekend (THE MALL) and I was freaking out on the thought of being around all those people. Luckily, we got there early enough it was still empty...but damn my hands were shaking.

wirecutter said...

I don't feel anxious when I'm around people, I just avoid them whenever possible. I do fine at work, mostly because I work by myself, but when I get home I lock my door, turn off my phones and enjoy the solitude. If I have to interact with people I don't speak any more than necessary - if they try to be friendly I cut them off, turn my back and walk away.
I know, I'm rude.

Lula said...

Not rude-I'm the same way. One of my friends calls me socially inept-but sometimes I just don't give a shit.

Though when I do find people I give a shit about, it's hard to shut me up!

Bunny said...

I think we would all get along, famously. At least, on days where we are feeling just *social enough* to deal with each other. Ha!

Why am I so fucking hyper today?

Lula said...

It's a 3 day weekend?

We seriously need to have some sort of meet up and act stupid event-crazy bloggers meet and greet?

By the way, I'm so in love with the internet right now. It does wonders for people with social anxiety disorder!