Saturday, March 13, 2010

Check in

So I'm a couple days late with this-I find it helps keep me accountable though, so here goes.

Diet and exercise wise I did surprisingly well this week. Started the week at 142.5 pounds-that really had me flipping my shit. Did sprints last Saturday, heavy weights Tuesday and Friday, with a day of lighter hand weight/push ups on Thursday. So I stuck to my exercise routine-go me!

Stuck to my primal eating plan-even went to In N Out for burgers and had it protein style, though I did cheat and had some fries.

Kind of failed on the drinking-went crazy Thursday night for some reason-made for an interesting day at work Friday.

Ended the week at 136.5 pounds-dropped that water weight and bloat right off!

All in all I'm happy with progress this week, though I really have to stop drinking on Thursdays. Every other Thursday is therapy day, and I promised my doctor I wouldn't drink after my sessions. I didn't have therapy this week, so technically I didn't break that promise, but I really need to build that habit. So try try again!