Monday, March 29, 2010

Wait, what?

Ok, I'm already rethinking that last post. One of the few things I have control over is my attitude, so here goes.

1. I knew my weight was going to go up a bit-it's water weight and bloat, why am I tripping?

2. Youngest spent the weekend with a friend (celebrating his 14th birthday!)-Friday at her house, Saturday at ours. So of course I didn't spend that much time with him, he was occupied. And Hubbs and I had a nice time Friday night. So, again, why am I tripping?

3. Well eye, you go right ahead and be infected again you ungrateful fucker. Sure, I just bought you new mascara that I will probably have to toss now, but whatever. At least I still have the eye drops from last time.

Deep breath......

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