Friday, March 5, 2010


Therapy went very well again yesterday. Before we start actually treating the PTSD and anxiety I have to learn ways to relax, and soothe myself, and not disassociate myself from...well, myself.

So I have some homework, quite a few things to work on actually. Doc is going to Mexico for 2 weeks, so I have some time.

The best thing I learned? Is that the coping skills that I lack-I don't have them because no one taught them to me. That simple. Made me feel not crazy.

I did promise I would work on my drinking, even the weekends. And I had to promise not to go home and drink or take any pills after our exposure therapy sessions. I'm a little scared, but I guess the coping skills will help me cope!

In between diet, working out, and mental health, I have my work cut out for me the next 3 weeks.

Looking forward to it.


PKN said...

damn right, and I got your back honey....

Lula said...

And I love you for it