Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's like a dream come true!

I have decided I am the perfect patient.

My Dr. has been giving me little tips and tricks to get myself through the day-everything from progressive muscle relaxation to help me sleep at night to mindfulness exercises to ward off a panic attack.

Last session, I discussed with her how when I read (or see) a sad news report or whatever it stays with me all day, effectively ruining my day. She taught me to remind myself that I can't save the world, and yes it's very sad-I'm allowed to spend a moment being sad-but then I must move on. Practicing my mindfulness exercises and telling myself "This thought is not beneficial to me right now" are ways of moving on.

Yesterday, leaving work, I saw a Doberman running down the middle of the street with a cast on his leg.

Now, 2 weeks ago, that would have made me cry and ruined my day.

My first thought was "Pull over! Read his tag! SAVE HIM!!!!!"

And then I remembered not only am I afraid of large dogs I don't know, what if he tries to bite me? I'm going to risk myself to save some dog?

So I told myself "How sad, someone isn't taking very good care of their dog. But I can't risk injury to save him. Now keep driving-pay attention to the road."

And it worked!

Then, at the end of the block, I saw a woman looking around-

Me-"Are you looking for a dog?"

Her-"Thank you, we just found his owner."

It's like I was instantly rewarded for using the tools I was given to take care of myself.

Pretty damn proud of that.

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