Thursday, April 15, 2010

So not funny....

But I can't stop laughing!

A sample of calls made to the Illinois Poison Control Center-

A father called about tater tots he had cooked in the oven; after his kids ate them, the caller realized there was a charred rat corpse in the oven.

A child was found licking a doorknob after it had been sprayed with Lysol® disinfectant.

A 40 year old man called because he accidentally swallowed the desiccant that comes in the over the counter ranitidine pill bottle.

A woman called because she had reached into her bathroom cabinet in the dark for a tube of personal lubricant and accidentally used toothpaste instead.

A 24 year old woman called about her boyfriend. The woman had a Brazilian wax at a salon where they had used a numbing cream on the area and now her boyfriend is complaining numb lips, mouth and tongue. He was concerned that he may have ingested some of this numbing cream.

Glad to see Darwin is still hard at work!



wirecutter said...
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wirecutter said...

The numbing cream thing reminds me of the time my girlfriend was rubbing Ben Gay on my back and we got carried away. I was at the sink splashing cold water on my - well, you get the picture.
Funny thing though. Now the smell of Ben Gay turns me on

Lula said...

Ouch! Hilarious but painful, I'm sure!