Thursday, February 26, 2009


The hell? I logged in to post a much needed rant, and all my posts are missing.

Must investigate........

Ok, now they're showing up. Whatever, if my blog looks wacky I'm sure it will correct itself.

Hubbs and I are embarking on the 21 day no complaining challenge. Not just for our marriage, but for our overall well being and happiness in the world. More on that here.

So before we start that, I need to get the following off my chest.

I work with a cretin. A loud mouthed, obnoxious cretin. Who had the nerve to tell me, after I spent 90 minutes fixing everyone's database which included adding a special field just for him, that-
"the problem with this company is people like you who don't give a shit"

My reply?

"We could spend an hour talking about what's wrong with this company and it has nothing to do with me not giving a shit. Now I'm going to finish my lunch, we can talk about this at 1pm"

Good lord I was mad. Like steam coming out of my ears, stomp around the office, Hubbs come kick his ass MAD.

I couldn't decide if I should go to my superior, or just tell Cretin he's not allowed to talk to me that way. So me, being a dumbass and trying to give a cretin a chance, decided to go to him.

"Cretin-you insulted me, and you are not allowed to talk to me that way anymore."

"Wha-wha-wha-what way? What are you talking about?"

And then of course it just turned in to another argument. So I went in to my bosses office, which is next to his bosses office, which is next to the owners, and repeated what he said to me. VERY loudly. (Of course, just my luck the other 2 offices were empty) I also said "Go home and terrorize your wife", knowing full well he doesn't have one. Hmmm, wonder why?

If I someday mysteriously disappear from the interwebs, it's because I stuck a fork in a cretin's eye.

Anyway, how strange that I found the following description of someone else's coworker on the internet today-which spells out EXACTLY what I think his problem is-

"Why don't you just take your fucking meds and stop picking on little menial shit that you really don't give a shit about in the first place. I think you just go through a list in your fucked up head and pick on something just because you don't want to pay attention to your horrible, pathetic, sad little life."

That's exactly what he does. Stuff that doesn't matter, stuff that has worked fine for everyone else for 3 years, he decides is stupid and needs to be changed. And if you don't think so too, then you don't give a shit. Jesus Christ, what a sad little man.


Tomorrow-rainbows and sunshine!!


Nikki Simmons said...

His DNA must match many men- and women- because I've known and worked with people like that. Women, I think, who have a supervisory position, are threatened and treat other women like crap. Men, on the other hand, are- as you say- cretins. Except your Hubbs and mine!

Lula said...

That's right! And thank God for the out of the ordinary Husbands!

Miyonao said...

I hope you didn't mind that I laughed at what happened between you and cretin...well, you're just too funny!

I get mad and irritated with coworkers too. So I know how it must feel like. "Why is she so dumb to understand these easiest things in the world? Why does he have to tell me to do something for him 2 minutes before I was gonna leave?..." The list goes on and on. But I've learned that my attitude is not so right, that everyone has their own personality and I need to accept how they are. With those who have no common sense or are just nuts in some ways, if we could look at them as immature kids who need more attention and help, then it'll be easier for all of us. But I know, this is not easy to do.

Anyways, no complaining(all accepting)...such a good idea! It'll be a good influence on your kids too!

Miyonao said...

Oh, forgot to wish you good luck! Hope things will be better with you and cretin. You're much more mature and well rounded. He's lucky to have you as a coworker.

Lula said...

Thanks Miyonao! Today is the start of positive thinking-we'll see how it goes.