Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Get organized, Polly Cutler!

Name that movie quote, and I will send you a free bag of candy. And no cheating. It's from one of my favorite movies, and it's what Hubbs says when I need a gentle reminder to get my shit together.

I compare myself (unfairly) to everyone. That girl over there, the stay at home mom? Why can't I do the things she does?

That girl over there, the one whose family makes twice the amount we do? Why can't I shop like her?

That 20 year old? Why don't I have her abs?

That childless career woman? Why don't I have her never-breast-fed-a-child-breasts-Calvin Klein wardrobe?

When the facts are-I am lucky (blessed, whatevs)with what I do have.

I may not have all the things I want, but I definitely have all the things I need.

I had a little chat with myself this morning, and I realized I really, truly want for nothing. I want things (who doesn't), but all my needs are met.

I have wonderful quality time with my husband and kid.

My car is reliable and safe.

I have a job.

I own my own home.

My clothes aren't tattered.

I'm in excellent shape for 40.

I may be slightly insane, but I know what's important.

Granted, I do have a huge list of things I want (Oldest! Move here with your family! Mom! Come back! Hair! For God's sake, do what I want!!!)but in general, I am way better off than at least 50% of the population of this country.

I just need a gentle reminder every now and again....


Miyonao said...

Yes, you're very blessed. I admire all you have. Very happy for you...

Lula said...

Thank you so much! I blame the media for my bouts of discontent....