Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Groundhog Day

I'm 99% sure that if I go back and read past posts, I will have posted this exact same thing.

When I get stuck in a mood, I get STUCK. Depression leads to the same thing for me every time-my days end with me unable to sleep because my brain is reliving every stupid thing I have ever done in my life. It's exhausting, it's boring, and it must be stopped. I do try to change the subject in my head as many times as it takes until I fall asleep, but I wish there was a way for it to not happen at all.

I'm forcing the positive down my own throat today though-I have a job, a great family, a warm home, plenty of food, good friends, etc.....We'll see if this leads to a better evening.

And, today is my EEG. I find it funny that they feel the need to check for abnormal brain activity-anyone who knows me knows I'm all about abnormal brain activity!


Anonymous said...

I feel the same this week. I am super crabby and fighting off depression. I just want to lay in my bed and do nothing. One day I am fine the next day not so much.

Miyonao said...

I recommend both of you to read "Life is about choices" and "Interview with God(on my blog)" OUT LOUD when you're in such situation. Reading out loud is the point. It doesn't have to be these two pieces, anything positive that you can relate to is fine.

It's like telling your brain to stop looking at the negative things in life. But you have to consistent. Reading something positive out loud every morning can gradually change your view of life in a long term. It won't work overnight. Consistency is the key.
Negative thinking is a habit. To break the habit, you need a lot of time and positive statements and experiences to reverse the bad habit.

I'm speaking of my own experience. This does work.

Lula said...

I feel for you red-happy thoughts your way.

Thanks Miyonao-it is a horrible habit that can be broken. Sometimes it's just easier to wallow in the muck!