Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I would like to write a book of short stories. I have done/been through some absolutely crazy shit, and I think writing it down would 1. help heal me and 2. maybe even help others.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a short story. I don't know if it's any good, it makes me cry but I lived it.

My problem? I can't even let anyone read it to get a disinterested parties opinion. I actually had it in my hand this morning, ready to show work friend, and I locked it back up in my bedroom.

If it's horrible, I would like to know. Then I know I need to just write for myself. If I maybe have a speck of talent, I would like to know that too.

My life is still ruled by fear. I need to work on that.


Annie said...

If you want, I'd be more than glad to look at what you write---of course following your guidelines of what you want to hear or not hear--if anything--in reply?

Annie said...

It's Annie again!

Just for the bloody hell of it, I've attached the blog gig of a gal I know up here; she's my age, maybe older. She's as nuts as I am, as flamboyant, outspoken. She's traveled all over the world, rubbed elbows with unbelievable people. Granted, she'd be boring maybe to you? Just thought it was interesting that you too ended up with the same system.