Saturday, August 23, 2008

What The?

I planted a garden this year, my first one. We have a compost heap, and when we were adding the soil to the garden area, I was throwing random seeds into an area I now call "The side garden".

I had no idea anything was going to grow there. Not only are the seeds growing, the area is larger than my original planned garden.

There are definitely butternut squash, and what I thought were acorn squash. Now, I'm not so sure. So please have a peek at the picture, and if you have any idea what that is, leave it in the comments.

I'm thinking pumpkin.


Annie said...

Not sure--total toss up?

At this point too yellow for a "mung mung" (which is what Phil used to call pumpkins.............I think it was him.

But shaped more like a mung-mung---at this point.

Let me guess: SOMEone's gonna have a "squash-pump" pie this Dead Bird Day!

LulaBelle said...

I'm really hoping for acorn squash-it's one of my super secret diet foods!