Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I've Had Enough Grandchildren So Far

Today, Youngest is having a friend over to our house for the first time without adult supervision(that we can prove). A female friend.

I've told him all sorts of scary things, like sex kills, causes sores on your private parts, and makes babies. (parenting by fear)

I've also told him that if blows this, the wrath of his parents will be something he has never experienced. He will live in complete boredom and disgrace for the rest of his days. I will beat him in the kneecaps with his cell phone and light his computer on fire. I will put him in.........daycare.

The funny thing is, I'm more afraid of my house getting broken or my cats getting out than I am of him doing something he shouldn't.

I really want him to have more freedom, and it's hard for me because 1. I was a terrible child and 2. I have seen the horrific things that happen to children in this world. (reasons for #1-see #2)

At least this way he is home safe, I can call and check up on him, I can actually drop by at any time. I'm sure it will be fine.


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