Monday, July 21, 2008

Stress Level-Defcon 1


Youngest kid is back east visiting Grandma. Grandma is not doing well at all-she went back in to the hospital yesterday after just getting released after a fall that broke her ribs and punctured her lung.

Before she went in yesterday, kid called and said he needs to come home soon. I asked Grandma when, and she said "As soon as possible". At first kid stayed to help take care of Grams, but she is going downhill fast-something none of us expected. She is staying in the hospital until they can find a nursing home to place her in.

The problem? I am broke. Like, $50.00 in the bank-credit cards maxed out broke. The only plane ticket I can afford is $187.00 dollars, but I can't afford to buy that until Friday, and it will still be 7 days after that before he flies home.

His cousin drove up to check out the situation, and he did say "Don't worry, we will handle it, everything will be fine."

I just feel so helpless, 3000 miles away and unable to just jump in my car and get my kid. And I feel like a loser for not being able to just buy the frickin ticket right now.


Stupid fucking Mondays.

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