Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Let Me Count The Ways

Why do I love my husband? I was asked this question last night, and it was nice to list my reasons instead of saying "I don't know. I just do."

Wow. I'm like a grown up.

1. He is sexy
2. He is intelligent.
3. He always thinks of me first, even if I sometimes forget to do the same for him.
4. He is kind. (That's a secret, don't let it get out.)
5. He is patient.
6. He will do anything to make me happy, even if it means saying no.
7. He will beat the hell out of anyone who hurts me.
8. He loves my children.
9. He instills good values in my youngest child. (Whether Youngest likes it or not)
10. He doesn't hit.
11. He wakes me up with a smile every morning. (and a cup of hot tea)
12. He supports me in all I do, no matter how silly it may be.
13. He loves me as I am, and encourages me to do the same.
14. He understands my fears, and helps to alleviate them.
15. He lets me talk to him about things that may be upsetting for him to hear, because sometimes I have to get it out.
16. He holds me when I cry.
17. He makes me soup when I'm sick.
18. He can be really funny, when he lets his guard down.
19. He lets me nag him about his health, and considers my position.
20. He reads.

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