Thursday, May 14, 2009

Book Review

Don't Sleep, There are Snakes by Daniel L. Everett

I REALLY enjoyed this book. The story of a Christian missionary who lives among the Piraha tribe in Brazil in order to learn their language-so he can convert them. What a surprise when it was THEY who converted HIM. A few quotes from the book-

"There was no sense of sin among the Piraha's, no need to "fix" mankind or even themselves. There was acceptance for things the way they are, by and large. No fear of death. Their faith was in themselves."

Now that's a quality I wish I had.

This also stood out to me-in regards to the Piraha's being called primitive-

"Let's ask ourselves if it is more sophisticated to look at the universe with worry, concern, and a belief that we can understand it all, or to enjoy life as it comes, recognizing the likely futility of looking for truth or God?"

I have my own views on God and religion, and they conflict, even in my own head. Even after spending many years in a religion, I still couldn't get a grip on the doctrines. I do believe in a power greater than myself-I just don't necessarily think they are watching me, ready to condemn me for making a mistake.

Anyway, enough religion. Back to your regularly scheduled blogging.

Oh yes-read the book. He does go into quite a bit of detail regarding the linguistics of an endangered language.

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