Friday, May 29, 2009

Book Review

Update-I can not get the horrific scenes from this book out of my head. It's kind of ruining my day.

Push:A Novel by Sapphire.

This book was incredibly hard to read. I actually had to skip paragraphs of it due to the graphic descriptions of abuse. But, I kept reading, thinking it was going to have some profound ending, and it did not. It just kind of ended. It's the story of an illiterate 16 year old black girl pregnant with her father's second child, and her struggles to make a better life for herself and child/children.

I prefer my books/movies/stories whatever to have solid endings, even if that ending is death. I don't mind occasionally having to wonder what happens next, but when reading such a disturbing book I really would have preferred a solid ending.

I would not recommend this book due to the subject matter. It wasn't badly written, I just don't know many people (myself included) who wouldn't be incredibly disturbed by it.

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