Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another Random

If you have lived your life and not followed your dreams, is that life wasted?

I always thought I would be-at the very least-a counselor,at the very best-a psychologist.

Now, I have a well paying job, a wonderful husband, great children (and grandchildren!), a mortgage, etc....

There is no way I could afford to go back to school. I know my life hasn't been wasted, and I'm very happy in this life, but sometimes I think "If I die tomorrow, will I regret not going back to school or will I realize I came a LONG way, all things considered?"

Just a thought.


Miyonao said...

My ultimate goal of life now is to live everyday happily. Feeling the true happiness no matter what situation I'm in.

But I know what you mean. I'm glad I went to college in the US when I could. Otherwise, I would regret later if I hadn't. But you know what, after I accomplished what I had always wanted...I felt like "now what?" And I didn't know what...

Well, my point is appreciating the very now might be the best dream all of us can have.

Just a thought.

LulaBelle said...

That is an excellent point, thanks for sharing!

I am happy, and I don't have very many regrets. I just wonder sometimes if I should make things happen no matter how hard they are. Then I decide I would rather have the money I'm making-I'm very fickle!

Miyonao said...

That's the way it is, Lulabelle. We're confused animals. Someone once said, "Women change their mind. That's what they do!" I couldn't agree more.