Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Helping The Less Fortunate, One Can Of Beer At A Time

The last 2 recycling weeks, we have put our bins out the night before. Recycling happens every other week in my neighborhood, so you can imagine how many beer cans pile up when you have both Hubbs and I drinking every night.

The last time we set out our recycling, we woke up the next morning to discover all the beer cans gone. Who cares, right? They are still getting recycled and besides-I bet whoever took them thought they hit the motherload at my house!

We set out our bins again last night, and lo and behold, when I got up this morning the beer cans were gone. Unfortunately, there was no longer a motherload of cans as Hubbs and I have basically quit drinking during the week, and have cut down tremendously on weekends.

But-next time I slip, and feel the need to drink on a non-drinking day, OR drink too much on a drinking day, I will raise my can to the sky and say "I'm doing it for you enterprising can collector guy. I'm doing it for YOU."


wirecutter said...

Hmm, you've got homeless people too!!!
Here, they are so aggressive that they have territories and will fight to protect them.

I used to leave my recyclables in a bag next to the trash can until one day a came out and found the tops of 20 or 30 2 liter bottles laying right next to my can (the recycling place won't take bottles with caps on them)!!! They were too lazy and inconsiderate to put the tops in the can!!
Now, I recycle my own and when before I take my can to the alley I dump the cat box on top of the garbage and throw a day's worth of Punkindog poo on top of that to keep them from going through my garbage.

LulaBelle said...

Our enterprising guy was considerate enough to place everything back in the bin, nicely organized. Otherwise I'd have to put a stop to it too!