Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What. The. Hell.

I had my follow up doctor appointment today. All my blood work is fine, but she's really pushing this MS theory. She hasn't said she thinks I have it, but she said a woman my age, presenting with my symptoms, needs to be tested. I told her the tingling in my hands and feet has gone away (just a slight lie, it's mostly gone), but the dizziness is totally gone. The seeing stars-still there, but less frequent.

Apparently, that's also how MS presents. Symptoms that come and go, flare ups and remissions, etc..

I informed her that we have new insurance that SUCKS, and I can't afford an MRI right now. (Truth be told-I CAN afford it, I just don't WANT to afford it. I'd rather have things I want.)

She asked if I've ever had an MRI, which I have. So she is requesting those records, along with my back x-rays from last year or whenever the hell it was, and I have to go back in about a month.

She said "I'm not going to let this go for too long, no matter how much it costs you."

So there you have it. I asked her if it was life threatening, or if it really made a difference if I was diagnosed today or in a month, and she said no. I asked her if my life would be the same, can I still work? And she told me not to put the cart before the horse. And to stay off the internet. Which I (mostly) have.

I do know (because I went on the internet anyway, take THAT!)that life expectancy is basically the same with or without it. 90% still have the ability to walk 10 years after diagnoses, so it is progressive but not super fast.

Again, I think this is one of those things that will turn out to be nothing (you hear me fate? THIS IS NOTHING!), but I feel better for at least knowing if I do have it, it's not a death sentence.

Back to our regularly scheduled randomness.

P.S. Did I mention how badly I want to go home and drink? Alcohol has been my coping mechanism for many, many years. It's very strange, getting used to a life without it. Strange, but good.


wirecutter said...

LulaBelle, take the doctor's advice and have the MRI done. At least for your own piece of mind as well as Hubbs.

Red said...

I agree with the above poster. I would get the MRI so you know one way or the other. Let us know how it goes.

Miyonao said...

Everyone here is right. Wish you good luck!

LulaBelle said...

Thanks everyone. Maybe with this new info I found it won't be necessary, but I will do it if she still recommends it in a month.

Thanks very much for all your support!

mugley said...

my wife had MS, she passed away 3 years ago with complications from it at the age of 50, its nothing to trifle with let me assure you and if not under control it can be very painful, I've seen her crawl to the bathroom because it hurt to bad to get on her feet, i've seen her cry because of the pain from a sheet touching her feet and i could go on but you get the picture, if you do have it, you need to be aggressive in treating it ASAP, I honestly wouldn't put it off, when she was diagnosed, the doc did some simple coordination and strength tests in his office and said she had it, it took MRI's a couple of more years to confirm it, it just depends on where it manifest itself in the beginning. praying you don't tho, I'm not trying to be a voice of doom or anything, but I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy

mugley said...

Please don't get me wrong, it is treatable and people can and do live long productive lives with it, but the key IMO is early detection and aggressive treatment, also I'd find a neurologist that specializes in it and not just see a family doc

Lula said...

Thanks Mugley, and I'm very sorry to hear about your wife. I am going back to a neurologist towards the end of the month.