Monday, January 12, 2009

Exhausted, But In A Good Way

This was another weekend in a long time that I didn't spend drunk-go me!

We did drink, but not to excess. It felt really good to not spend my weekend in a blur. Friday night we went out and spent Hubbs' gift card and picked up a gift for my niece's 7th birthday. I went to bed pretty early-being so busy at work is exhausting me!

Saturday we had friends over for dinner-low cal BLT's and homemade baked french fries. I stuck to my diet and did really well-I'm down 3 pounds from last Monday.

Sunday we went to Niece's party, then lifted weights with my brother for about an hour. I'm very sore and very tired, but as I said, it feels good to be tired from working out and not because I'm hungover.

I plan to step up my work outs this week. 20 minutes on the elliptical in the mornings, and either lifting weights or my workout DVD in the evening. I was so toned and fit just a few short months ago-I know it's only 10 pounds, but it feels like more because I turned to flab fast.

Not so easy to stay in shape once you hit 40!


wirecutter said...

Lo-cal BLTs? Say it ain't so!!!!

Miyonao said...

Go Lulabelle!

I guess I gotta try harder too...

LulaBelle said...

I know wirecutter.....double fiber bread (70 calories a slice), turkey bacon, and low cal mayo. It's just not the same! I remember in my 30's I used to eat BLT's with extra bacon and avocado-the good old days!

Thanks Miyonao-I hit the 5.5 pound mark today!