Tuesday, January 13, 2009


If you're a guy, you may want to stop reading. Or, keep reading and get some insight in to the mind of a woman......a CRAZY woman!

The mammogram was not as painful as I thought it was going to be. It was, however, more humiliating then I thought it would be. I wonder if it's less so for a woman who is comfortable with the size of her breasts?

The technician pointed out that a lot of "first timers" get called back for a second set of films-something to do with it being the baseline mammo and they want a very clear set of pictures to go by.

Of course, I instantly thought "She saw something-she's warning me I'm going to get a call back".

No sooner did I finish that thought when she said "And no, I didn't see anything-I tell this to all my patients. So don't panic if you get a call to come back."

I told Hubbs to remind me of that when I freak out if they call.


Nikki Simmons said...

Mammograms suck and I'm wearing a pink t-shirt and drinking out of a pink mug as I say this. I'm 60 and when I was in my 40's- or whenever I strted getting them- no problem. A little chilly and put off by the tech making meaningless conversation. The last 5-7 years...Dammit, OWWW. i am going again in Feb.- the pink month- and dreading it like the dentist.

LulaBelle said...

Ugh-I didn't think it would ever get better!