Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I woke up this morning with a positive attitude and a VERY sore body. This weight lifting nonsense better pay off, because I HATE it! But, I've lost 5.5 pounds, so I'm doing great.


What is so different about Mondays? I am WORTHLESS at the start of the week, and I'm not sure why. It used to be because I was totally hungover. Removed that issue, and I can still barely make it through the day. I'm emotional and tired and can barely function. Must evaluate further.


Have you ever seen stars? Kind of like when you're about to faint, but without the extreme dizzy feeling? I've been seeing them off and on for a week. At first I thought it was the alcohol leaving my system, but I had a few beers this weekend and they were still there. I had no luck searching my trusty interwebs, so if anyone has experienced this please let me know. I don't feel like going to the doctor just yet.


We had ling cod for dinner last night, out of the batch of sea kittens Hubbs got from his co-worker. Delicious! I forgot about the bone issue from fresh kitten though, but it was worth every delicious bite.


And finally, I am completely slammed at work. It's good because it makes the day go by faster, but bad because once again, I have the voice in my head telling me I'm going to fail, why even bother, quit now, RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know deep inside that it will be ok, but it's very stressful GETTING to the ok.


Nikki Simmons said...

I am so loving your blog. I have issues- not the same as yours- but i don't know if I could share them. How did-or do-you find the courage to let us inside? That's why my blog is so.." I went to the store".."I'm making cookies" blah, blah, blah. You're funny and poignant.

Anonymous said...

How dare you eat a sea kitten! What will they come up with next. You are so funny.

Do you have low blood pressure? I sometimes get starry when I take klonopin regularly. I also have a bit of positional vertigo that pops up every now and again.

LulaBelle said...

Thanks Nikki! When I say I have to empty my head on a daily basis-I truly do. And since no one REALLY knows who I am, it makes it easy. My loved ones read this blog, so sometimes I worry. But in general, it has been very good for me. Thanks for your support!

Red-how weird that you said that! I actually have freakishly low blood pressure-like 90 over 50. It never crossed my mind that it could be related. I only take Xanax about twice a week, but maybe since I'm on a health kick again (low sodium, less alcohol) it's dropped a bit more. Thank you SO MUCH for pointing that out! If it continues I'll see my doctor, but I'm relieved to know it could be just me!

wirecutter said...

Stars (especially blue ones) on the edge of your vision can be symptoms of an oncoming migraine.

Be thankful for your low BP - it beats the hell out of high BP which is what I have and have to take medication to control.

I feel exhausted on my mondays (which is actually Tuesday) too and I ain't got the foggiest idea why.

Miyonao said...

Most people feel not so good on Mondays including me. For me, it's usually because I REST too much. Sleeping all day, something like that. Then I can't sleep at night, and of course Monday is gonna bad. I try not to do this but mostly end up doing the same.

When I do go out somewhere on weekends, it feels great!

LulaBelle said...

That's what I was thinking too wirecutter-I am prone to migraines-but this seems to have gone on too long.

Hubbs has high BP too-controlled, finally, by the right medication. Took a while though.

Miyonao-It is good to get out of the house on weekends-but I'm such a homebody I usually end up staying home too.