Tuesday, January 20, 2009


(I am aware there was an inauguration today, I just don't care. I know, BAD American!)

So apparently, people who drink heavily then stop sometimes have vitamin deficiencies because alcohol affects your bodies ability to absorb certain things, like B12 and Folate. But, she said vitamin deficiencies don't usually cause neurological symptoms. So we'll start with the fasting blood work tomorrow morning, then I go back next Tuesday. (See you next Tuesday! Sorry, couldn't resist) If there are no answers in the blood work, she'll schedule an MRI.

I told her I felt kind of dumb for coming in, and she said I shouldn't. She said my symptoms are not normal, they are not ok, and we will get to the bottom of this right away. "We are not waiting."

So I'm glad I went, but a little more worried then I probably should be. She mentioned MS, which is the worst thing to do to me, because-

1. My sister had MS, and she's dead now.

2. I immediately looked up the symptoms on the trusty interwebs, and of course, I have like 10 of them.

No, I do not think I have MS. In fact, I'm pretty sure that this will turn out to be one of those random, expensive things that end up being nothing.

At least, that's what I'm telling myself.

"It's not time to be scared, Scout. I'll let you know when it's time to be scared."

(Paraphrased from "To Kill a Mockingbird")


Anonymous said...

Oh that sucks. I am sorry to hear about your sister. I have a good friend with MS and I know how devastating it is.

Hopefully it will turn out to be nothing big. Let us know how it goes. It is good to get it all checked out though so you don't have to worry.

I love your quote from To Kill a Mockingbird. I am going to put on my blog somewhere. When I get inspired to write again. ehh. Oh well. Take care. I hope everything goes well.

Nikki Simmons said...

Prayers and good wishes, baby.

LulaBelle said...

Thank you both very much.