Monday, May 5, 2008

I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar

Damn I'm dating myself with the song references!

I want to a self defense class put on by my brother's martial arts teacher. Best thing I ever did! I had a blast, learned how to take a man down AND break his leg, all without weapons!

It was a 4 hour class-the teacher would show us the move, then we had to demonstrate on the men from the dojo (my brother being one of them). I trained with a guy named Ben most of the time-it was hard, because the lesson is not complete until you take your trainer down. It was hard to 'hurt' someone else, but he kept saying "It's you or me". I'm pretty bruised up and beat to hell today. I accidentally knocked the lens out of his glasses with my elbow at one point!

At the end of the class. after using all our techniques for 3 minutes on our trainer, the master asked "Does anyone want to go again?" I raised my hand, and pointed at my brother.

Woo hoo! Dropping him like a rock was the best part of the class.

I spent the evening walking around the house telling my husband and son "Attack me! Come on!" They wouldn't, but I did get to show them a few techniques.

Go me!

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