Thursday, May 1, 2008

Like Mother, Like Son

Me: I didn't know she was blind in one eye. Or maybe I did and forgot. I have to empty stuff out of my head or it gets too full and I forget how to walk.

My head is always full and that's why I believe random things fall out of my mouth, like right now, I just told someone I wanted to ride a pony, a mini pony, with a strong back, and a knack for basket weaving

That’s hilarious. You need a brain/mouth filter. But buy a better brand than I did, because mine barely works.

I don't have one at all, I mean, not at all, no joke. A customer called me and asked me who's fax number this is ***-***-**** and i told them Jesus, meaning the son of God.

Then I realized what I said, and I tried to play it off by saying his name is Jesus "hay-sus" then I said "Actually I'm not sure who's number that is.

And they were confused.

That is also hilarious!

Now bring me some potato chips. I’ve heard if your oldest son brings you chips from California, they have no calories.

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