Thursday, May 29, 2008

What The French Toast?

So, my mom died a year ago. My step-dad, who was married to my mom for 28 years, is now dating, remodeling the house, giving all her stuff away-and get this-he just called me and asked me if I wanted my mom's ashes.

I know people move on at different speeds, but come on. I asked him if the new lady was moving in and he said "Well, not for a year or so."

#1. That house should have been remodeled while my mother was alive. She hated the carpet, it needed new paint, etc...

#2. I don't have room for all her stuff. So I'm going to go through it, keep what I want, share whatever anyone else wants (which so far has been nothing) and sell the rest. That's right, I said sell. Then I'm buying a goddamn pair of shoes.

#3. I don't want her ashes either. What the frick am I going to do with them? Her request was that they be kept on her desk with the ashes of her beloved dog. So now I have to take the dog ashes? Ashes should be scattered, or buried. Not kept in a box on a desk. They creep me out.

Fuck this. I feel like crying, and I'm at work. Stupid death and stupid families and stupid whoever decided what the rules are.

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