Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Come ON ’09!!!

I know I shouldn’t wish for time to hurry by-after all, this is the only life I have, why do I want to speed through it?

But, work is SO SLOW right now it’s making me crazy. It’s leaving me with way too much time on my hands and that is not good. A thinking Lulabelle = a crazy Lulabelle.

We are literally so slow that the phone only rings like 5 times a day, and the calls are never for me. We are always slow this time of year, but I tend to forget that until it happens.

Little Wing and I have been taking 2 hour lunches, and plan to continue this throughout the next week, but even with that the day seems to drag, and all my little demons start poking me with their fiery sticks of gloom and doom.


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