Saturday, December 13, 2008


Having a mood disorder was once described to me this way-

A normal person will get up in the morning, maybe 10 minutes late. "Damn it-I better hurry."

They put on their coat on the way out the door, and find $10.00 in the pocket. "Nice!"

On the way to work, they get stuck at a railroad crossing. "Shit, now I'm going to be even later."

They make it to work, and the day goes on.

A Bi-polar person sees the same events this way-

"HOLY CRAP I'M LATE!!!!!!! The whole day is RUINED!! I should just go back to bed, SCREW IT! MY LIFE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!"

Upon finding $10.00 in their pocket-"AWESOME!! Oh my god, this is the best day EVER!!!!!!"

And getting stuck behind a train "Why does the world hate me??? Stupid frickin train, stupid frickin job, I wish I had NEVER BEEN BORN!!!!!!!!"

And the rest of the day is spent grouchy, moody, angry, etc.....

See the difference?

I feel just like that today.

"It's cookie day! Awesome, I can't WAIT to make cookies all day! Today ROCKS!"

Then, after discovering that the hot rollers I borrowed to do my own party hair for Hubbs' Christmas party next Saturday will not work for me-

"Everything SUCKS! I hate my hair, I'm a huge cow, why do I even bother TRYING!!!!! POOR MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Fuck it, I hate EVERYTHING."

I swear it's ridiculous how easily I can let myself ruin my own day.

My advice to myself? Get OVER IT.


Miyonao said...

Sorry you had a bad day...but you made me laugh!

LulaBelle said...

Thanks! My day turned out's to a better tomorrow!!

mile191 said...

oh my gosh. something like that get over it is exactly what i needed to read. thanks for sharing your experience. i am sorry you had a bad day. i hope you have had a restful night. ♥

LulaBelle said...

Thanks mile191. Sunday was a better day.