Monday, December 1, 2008


I just received this award from mile191, and with it I'm supposed to post 10 honest things about myself.

Here goes.

1. I'm obsessed with my appearance. I can't take a compliment, and I constantly find something about myself to pick on. I wish I could stop.

2. I hate to drive. I hate that I can't teleport from point A to point B. Driving seems like such a waste of time. Besides, all the idiots on the road scare the hell out of me.

3. I wish I was a different sort of mother. Both now and then.

4. I'm obsessed with shoes. I'm pretty sure it stems from growing up-we were poor, and I only had one pair at a time. Now I have about 50, and I don't even wear half of them. Granted, it is winter and most of them are high heels, but still. I maybe wore 10 pairs this year.

5. As much as I hate to admit it, I am still very much controlled by the events of my childhood. From my uber sensitive startle reflex to the fact that I'm afraid of the dark, there are parts of me that can't be fixed. But that's ok-I have learned to work around them.

6. I'm afraid to tell my story. I do not want to see pity in anyone's eyes, ever. I don't want to be "that girl". But I think I will try anyway.

7. I'm way, way too quick to judge others. And I find it hard to let go of my first impressions. Bad combo.

8. The world is very black and white to me. People are either good or bad. I either like people or detest them. I either eat like a horse or starve myself. There is no middle ground with me.

9. I am WAY too dependent on chemicals to get to sleep at night. I'm trying to change.

10. I drink WAY too much. I'm trying to change that as well.

And with that, I tag the following people. No pressure-I won't be insulted if you choose not to play.




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Dan said...

Gee, thanks... I'm going to have to think about this a while. It's not that I don't want to be honest about myself with other people... it's just being honest with myself that I have a problem with. Is there a time limit on this?

wirecutter said...

Okay Girl, I'll play. But like Dan, I'm going to have to give it some thought and it's too close to my beddybye time to get seriously involved with thought.
I'll try to post it tomorrow.

mile191 said...

thanks for sharing. i think that it is really hard to be honest about things, but reading about you was fun for me. to know more and to feel like i really do get those things about you. so much we are alike. it must be that is the way things are when you experience tragic childhoods. i am sorry for that for you, but you are pretty amazing. keep it up. thanks for sharing and thanks for being there for me. ☺

LulaBelle said...

Take your time guys-like I said, no pressure!

Thanks mile191. I'm sorry for you too, but it can get better. I promise.

Miyonao said...

Thanks for sharing and inviting me to do the same. This is interesting. I'll find time to do this.