Friday, December 12, 2008

Cookie Day!

Tomorrow is cookie day. I love holiday baking-this year I’m making Rum Balls, Snickerdoodles, and Russian Tea Cakes. Yum…..Not very diet friendly, but if I work out for 9 hours I should be ok…...

I also have to take Youngest shopping for his Grandma, then ship a few packages next week and I am officially done.

I'm feeling pretty good about Christmas this year, which is a nice change. I'm usually depressed. Last year was my first Christmas without my mother, so now that all those "firsts" are out of the way my holiday should go much smoother. Not that I won't still miss her, but it isn't as traumatic as it was last year.

I think part of the reason I'm feeling better this year is we've been donating whenever we can. We bought a bag of food for a local family at the grocery store, we've donated to Toys for Tots, and Little Wing and I dropped off pet food at the Humane Society. We are also participating in a local pet food drive for homeless pets, and for the elderly that may not be able to afford pet food right now.

Wow-did all that just come from me? Am I turning-dare I say it-nice???

Don't let word get it. It will ruin my reputation.


Miyonao said...

Wow, you donated a lot! Good job. Proud of you.

It's been said that helping others makes us happier. I should do something too.

LulaBelle said...

Thanks Miyonao!

It has also been said that you can't keep what you have if you don't give it away, so I try to share when I can.

Miyonao said...

great idea.