Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I remember right after Hubbs and I got married, my mom would call me and ask for help with the most random things. Could I come over and defrag her computer? Could we please come over and change the water bottle on the dispenser? Could I bring Youngest over to clean the fish tank?

It used to drive me insane-not because I didn't like spending time with my mother, but I really felt she was doing these things just to drive me insane. I would think "My GOD, how many times do I have to show you how to defrag your computer?" This was, of course, before we knew the cancer had spread to her brain.

Isn't it funny how I would now give anything to have my mother back, driving me crazy?


wirecutter said...
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wirecutter said...

I feel the same way about my folks. They drive me crazy sometimes, but I know I'll miss it horribly when they're gone.

Miyonao said...

I couldn't agree more. Thanks for sharing. It made me think that I should really treat them well while I can.

LulaBelle said...

It makes me wish I knew how much time she had left when this was happening-it also makes me appreciate the time I have much more.