Monday, December 29, 2008


Today is my one day at work this week before I take the rest of my vacation time, and I just found out we're only doing a half day. Awesome!!

That made my day much better, because it did not start out right. As I've mentioned a thousand times, I gained back 10 of the 20 pounds I lost this year. Well, as of today, my grand total of weight gain is 11.5 pounds.

It's time to get serious again. Just because I have all this time off does not mean I can eat and drink whatever the hell I want.

This time next week I expect to lose at least 5 pounds. I'll keep you updated-it will help keep me accountable.

If I don't stick to it this time I'm sewing my lips shut.


Miyonao said...

Go, Lulabelle! YOU CAN DO IT!

One thing I realized about weight gain is I need to keep my mind occupied with other things so I won't have time to think about food. Those "other things" have to be something I'm crazy about such as going to a museum to see those beautiful jades...

Good luck!

LulaBelle said...

You're right-boredom is the enemy of any dieter! I CAN do this!

Nikki Simmons said...

I've gained 25 lbs. in ayear...retirement can do that. I'm with you on the weigt loss. What a struggle.

LulaBelle said...

It is a struggle! It's not too bad when I really put my mind to it, but then I think I can eat whatever I want again, and then I have to start all over. Luladumbbelle!