Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Random Thought

If I ruled the world, I would make it legal (and socially acceptable) to slap people in the back of the head when they do something stupid, or are just plain annoying. Not hard enough to hurt them, but just hard enough so they realize they are annoying and stupid and should stop talking. I think, if you're willing to possibly get hit back, which may or may not lead to boxing, you should be able to smack whoever the hell you want. And I say this knowing full well that I would probably get smacked myself at least once a week.

This isn't a true random thought, I have a reason for thinking this way. I am sick, very sick, body aches-stuffy nose-headache-buzzing head-scratchy throat-sick. Which means that everything is twice as annoying as usual.

And this may be selfish, but I'm glad I'm sick now, at work, instead of during my holiday vacation.


Annie Strikes Again said...

God!!! This would be a bad time to ask me what I think of passwords, "user names,"etc. JEEEEZZZZZ

Well, ANYway--what with all of that overkill of protection, I've now forgotten what was so important that I had to say. So, lucky you! No pointless verbosity from me.

LulaBelle said...

I'm glad you came by though!