Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Random Thoughts-Must Empty Head

Remember the scene in the movie "Bruce Almighty" (if you haven't seen it, Bruce gets God's powers for a specified period of time)when he starts hearing everyone's prayers? And it's like this constant chatter that gets louder and louder? That's what it's like to be me. I woke up at 3am, and could NOT get back to sleep. The voices in my head would not SHUT UP. I took half a Xanax, then a while later another half, and just when I was thinking I was going to get up, I feel asleep at about 5:30am. Not conducive to tonight's plan of family movie night and staying up until midnight. I told Youngest he may have to wake me up to ring in the new year.


The guys just took off for the sporting goods store to get blueing (bluing?) for their guns. They both have world war 2 era rifles they have been working on-I'll post pictures when they finish. Does it make me a redneck that I let them break down and sand their guns at my kitchen table? I'm asking you wirecutter!


My cat Cleo is about 4 years old. She has not grown a speck since we adopted her from the shelter-just a little teeny thing. I believe she was taken away from her mother too soon-she is THE neediest cat I have ever seen in my life. If you walk into a room and shut the door, she will cry until you let her in. If you sit down, she is instantly in your lap. My tail bone still hurts from the sledding incident, so I haven't been able to sit comfortable for a while. I moved her from my lap the other day, and this is the look she gave me-


My nephew is home from the marine base for the holidays-he goes back Monday. So he's coming over for dinner Friday night, and to watch movies. Then they ship him off for wherever. If you're so inclined, say a prayer that he returns home safely.


Have you seen that commercial about not smoking, it's my time to quit? And the woman who says "At 6:30am I have my first cigarette". Next time you see it, notice the horizontal wrinkle she has above her lip. I have the same thing. It never crossed my mind that it was from smoking! That's only strengthened my resolve to quit. I don't care about cancer, but start messing with my face? Hell no! I'm just kidding, I am quitting for all the obvious health reasons. So this weight I gained better hurry up and get off so I can work on not smoking! (I have lost 2 pounds since Monday-go me!)


I'm looking forward to a better year. No surgery (hopefully), not smoking, and keeping up this great vibe I have going with my family. We've been spending more time together, quality time, and it makes me very happy. It also helps me to feel less insane.

Have a wonderful, safe New Year's eve!


wirecutter said...

No, allowing the boys work on their firearms at the table does not make you a redneck. It makes you a very loving, caring, and understanding wife and mother. Just don't chew on them for spilling blueing on the carpet. That would blow it. Just replace the carpet with a darker color.

Miyonao said...

I pray for your nephew's safe return...

I pray for a happy new year for every member in your family.

You're doing great. Quitting smoking is such a good idea! You can do it!

Miyonao said...

Oh, forgot to say...what a lovely kitty! Her personality and the look. I want a cat like that.

LulaBelle said...

No blueing accidents, thank God. Though Hubbs wedding ring is looking a little worse for wear. That's ok though-I knew he was a hands on kind of guy when I married him!

Thanks Miyonao, I really feel I can do it this time!