Sunday, April 26, 2009


Self defense class went very well yesterday, though I had forgotten how bad it hurts to get attacked for 4 hours. I'm bruised from head to toe, and my body just aches. It was nice to have a refresher course though, there were quite a few things I forgot. I highly recommend all women taking a class. Very empowering. And we got a free weapon! I can't remember what it's called, some aluminum stick thing you can jab in people's eyes.

It's taking all my strength to get through my chores today.

Happy Sunday!


wirecutter said...

Yeah, but think about how bad you'd be hurting if some mugger attacked you and beat the hell out of you. At least now you can fight back with confidence.

Lula said...

That's right-I've been fighting the guys all weekend too-have to stay in practice!