Thursday, April 23, 2009


Why do I try to cultivate friendships that are losing propositions?

I have a friend, let's call her Bessie-we had a falling out about a year ago, though prior to that she was my best friend. Then I started to realize that she was always making me feel bad about myself, then I went off on her husband, so we took a little break. we've been socializing here and there, and I invited her to come to my self defense class on Saturday.

She just called me and canceled with some lame ass excuse.

Part of me is like "Ok, I knew this was going to happen". Part of me is actually really hurt. And part of me is convinced this is payback for a similar thing I did to someone God knows when.

Whatever. It will be a good lesson in learning how to be brave and do things on my own.


Red said...

Oh well, at least you have some friends. I have shooed and scared all of mine away. My last friend told me she wanted me to go on Dr. Phil and I got kind of miffed about it. I asked her why she didn't go on Dr. Phil. This was after I just got done telling her how well I was doing with my new therapist and how I was going on this big trip to europe. I feel like she was just trying to put me down because I was actually feeling pretty good. I have not heard from her since. That was the first time I ever expressed anger and I am kind of angry that she was such a baby about it. She can say whatever she wants to me but if I object to her opinions then she runs away. Sorry for the long novel. Like the little flower.

wirecutter said...

Cut her loose, Girl. I remember the last time you posted about her and I think I had the same thoughts then.
She ain't worth the time you spend thinking about it.

Deirdre Bunny said...

I have a habit of collecting these same kinds of friends, I think.

Today has been a long day of work and introspection, and earlier on I decided I need to reevaluate my "friendships".

I'm tired of trying.

Lula said...

Red, friends like that aren't worth having!

You're right wirecutter-I'm done. At least I can say I tried though.

I am too Deirdre-I need to focus on the 1 or 2 good friends I have, and dump the ones like her. It seems like you shouldn't have to try so hard, or be the only one trying.

KLo said...

I think some of this have an attraction to people that are going to disappoint us. Hope things get better for you soon : )

Lula said...

thanks Klo-things are looking up!

Nikki Simmons said...

My friends are boring- no fights ever. But I'm way older than the rest of you. However, I'm very intolerant of people so sometimes I just tire of friends in general.

Lula said...

I hear you Nikki. Not a huge fan of people in general, and things like this just reinforce it.