Monday, June 29, 2009

Book Review

Courtney Love: The Real Story by Poppy Z. Brite

I adore Courtney Love, I really do. I know, I know-she killed Kurt, she's a drug addict, blah blah blah. Whatever. You have to hand it to her-she knew what she wanted, and she got it. You have to admire her for that.

I learned quite a few interesting facts about Ms. Love after reading this book. Such as, she was a trust fund baby. And that she had Frances Bean taken away from her twice. Poor Bi-polar, drug addicted Courtney. She's like us, but with money.

If you're interested in her, you will enjoy this book.

(I have been slacking in the book review department, so I'm REALLY relying on memory, which is kind of shot right now-but I'll do my best)


Deirdre Bunny said...

Slightly off-topic:

Someone asked me if I was easily offended the other day, when they hesitated telling me a "crude" joke. I said "Fuck, no. I have the nastiest mouth in the Pacific Northwest... well, except for maybe Courtney"


Lula said...

That's awesome